'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.'

Charles Eames

'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'
Milton Glaser

Exploded drawing: Drawing an exploded pen shell

Exploded drawings are useful to both manufactures when making items as well as consumers if they are required to assemble a product with many parts.


You may have seen exploded drawings in car manuals or other products with multiple parts that have to fit togeather.


The sequence of images below shows the drawing of an exploded pen shell and is a good activity to do in order to learn the basics of what an exploded drawing is and how to set one out. 

There are different types of reason someone may produce an exploded diagram. 


Below are a number of examples of exploded diagrams, watch through them and see if you can work out if each one is for: A) Production, B) Client or C) Customer.


Can you think of any reason why a client or customer may want or need to see an exploded view of a product?

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