'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.'

Charles Eames

'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'
Milton Glaser

Activity 1 - Setting page size and using the contour function



Set you page size to that in the video

2 points


Import the spider drawing.jpg below

2 points


Resize the spider picture

2 points


Contour the spider picture

2 points


Save the 2D desing file

2 points

Spider Drawing.jpg
JPG image [5.5 KB]

Prepairing Multilayer Poster design In Photoshop for 3D Standee Production


1: Export / Save as each individual layer of your design from photoshop as a .jpg or .jpeg

2: Import each layer into 2D design using the Import Bitmat function

3: Set the resolution on import to match your photoshop document

4: Use the contour tool to create an outline of the objects, at a distance of 0.1

5: Delete the origional image from 2D design and repeat for each layer

6: Save your 2D design file

7: Tessalate your shapes

8: Export a .dxf of the contour sheet


Printing and preparing your photoshop layers:


1: Print a solid background image onto paper

2: Print all layers onto paper

3: Cut out all images


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