'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.'

Charles Eames

'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'
Milton Glaser

Sketching, Modeling, Orthographic drawing production for Fly Press

This page contains instructional videos that will show you how to draw the fly press and create drawings and assemblies. 


Sketching the bolster plate for the Fly Press. (Sketch tools, dimensioning, chamfering, mirroring sketch elements, creating tangental relations, locking line work). 

Bolster Plate for Fly Press: Using initial sketch as a control sketch, making planes, converting entities, extrusion, editing child sketch with control sketch.

Bolster Plate for Fly Press: Creating an orthographic drawing from a 3D model (3rd angle view layout, view projection, title block editing, dimensioning, creating pdf's) 

Part 2 - TOP PLATE for Fly Press: Sketching the top plate

Part 2 - Adding an internal screw thread to the top plate

Part 2 - ISO Thread form diagram and thread / pitch / tap drill size chart to help with above.

Part 4 - Sketching and revolving the Guide Pilar, Fly Press

Orthographic drawing, Guide Pilar, Fly Press

Part 3 - Guide Bush for Fly Press (Sketch, Dimension,Revolve) 

Guide Bush for Fly Press; Orthographic drawing. 

Part 5 - Spigot for Fly Press

Spigot for Fly Press: Drawing an external thread. (Helix, pitch, polygon and extrude along a helical path) 

Spogot for Fly Press: Orthographic drawing of Spigot for Fly Press

Creating an assembly for the Fly Press. (assembly, insert components, move & rotate components, concentric mating, face to face mating) 

Creating an exploded model, animation wizard and producing an exploded / assembly drawing including a bill of materials (BOM).

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