'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.'

Charles Eames

'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'
Milton Glaser

Delivery of Engineering Processes Safely as a Team

This module involves a task based internal assessment.


We will focus on a limited range of processes given the time available for delivering this unit. A large amount of the content of this unit involves practical activities such as on sitte surveying, meetng with industry partners, Computer Aided Draughting, modeling and planning for manufacture.


We will be providing a CAD design service, delivering high quality 2D technical drawings, including site survey visits and appling safe working practices designed to protect us from various hazards during visits.


You will spend no more than fifteen hours on learning aim C, which requires the delivery of a service effectively as a member of a team.

  • You will present your project progress in individual and/or group presentations
  • You will evidence case studies illustrating the components, systems and activities of the team working processes



Introduction / orientation activities

Topic 1: Human factors. Rigour, honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility.

Task 1: Workshop role play scenario 'The missing golden grommet.'

In groups of 4/6 each take one of the following roles:

Stressed workshop manager, angry client, business owner, work shy technician, CAD designer, office administrator.


A third party i.e. your tutor will now secretly tell one of you that you are a thief.


The scenario is that the angry client has been informed that thier highly prized new one off prototype has vanished!! The Golden Grommet (main component of thier new product line) that they expect to give the the edge over the market leader has gone missing in your workshop.


The client suspects industrial espoinage and is pressuring the workshop manager to take charge of the situation and find the culprit. The CAD designer and workshop manager have signed an NDA so they cannot describe its function or look of The Golden Grommet to anyone.


Your task is to act your part in the scenario whilst maintaining a professional standard of rigour, honesty, integrity, respect and responsibility.


The last person to see the object was the workshop manager.


Can you find out what happened to The Golden Grommet?

Topic 2: Teamwork, minuites, meetings and keeping records

Task 2: Using the minutes template below, conduct a review meeting concerning the rolepaly scenario from the last Topic, allocate actions and ownerships to your team focussing on what you need to do to ensure integrity is mainained within the business.

Meeting minutes template.docx
Microsoft Word document [11.8 KB]

Task 3: Research boat interiors and make a list of possible design features and attributes.

In your now establised design teams review and discuss your collective ideas and take some time to define and write out a specification for the interior design based on the brief you have been given by the manufacturer.


A new luxury / pleasure boat moulding needs an interior designed for it.


It must contain the following:

Seating / Relaxation area


Drivers console

Folding seats

Cabling for lighting

A toilet with door

Tea / Coffee making area

Toilet with door and pipe work runs

Modern / updated look

Comfortable but affordabe


23ft Long

Topic 2: H&S factors of using fibreglass in the marine industry

Task 4: Using the links below and information in the video above write a comprehensive document reviewing the H&S regulations, practises, assesments, dangers of using fibreglass in the marine industry.

Unit Tasks:

Learning aim A: Examine common engineering processes to create products or deliver services safely and effectively as a team.

Use the unit breif for learning aim A you have already been issued with to:


• Research the processes used: drop forging; Slotting, buffing and grinding, including relevant health and safety factors and legislation/regulations; and then research and suggest alternatives. e.g. lost wax casting or similar.


• Research how these engineering processes can be affected by human factors (individual and team).


You must produce as evidence:

A report, prepared as an individual, detailing engineering processes and the impact that human factors can have on their performance, using a case study context drop forgeed boat propellar manufacture.


(See unit brief handed out by your centre / tutor for full details)

Learning aim B: Develop two dimensional (2D) computer-aided drawings that can be used in engineering processes.

Use the image below to help you produce a 2D CAD drawing of the component and then use Circuit Wizard to produce a 2D circuit diagram.  


Use layers to seperate your dimensions, hidden lines, and other relivent details and notes.

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