'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.'

Charles Eames

'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'
Milton Glaser

Unit 3: Engineering design

B-tec lvl3 engineering design has a 2hr end point externally assesed examination. 


The examination useualy takes the form of a evaluate and redesign task. In most instances the redesign is of a small existing product. 


The link below will take you to the drawing pages of this website where supporting documents, past papers, information and activities can be found. 

You will most likely be expected to draw to BS8888 standards and clearly justify and evidence each stage of your investigation and design process. 


It is essential that you keep regularly practising the skills needed to be able to pass this examination at an acceptable level. All drawing must be completed by hand during the examination and you are only premitted to take a two page preperation document that you have created yourself into the exam to support you. 


If you are just beginning to learn technical drawing and ideation sketching then it is necessary to not underestimate the time and effort needed to skill up in this area.


Being able to communicate your ideas in drawing and through written word is key to sucessful engineering design. 

Engineering Design - Student B-tec prepearation book
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An Itemised list of the main design considerations for the Motor mount task in the above document
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