'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.'

Charles Eames

'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'
Milton Glaser

Unit 22 - PCB Manufacture

In this module you will investigate different types of PCB, design and virtually test a PCB and then manufacture the PCB and fault find / test it.

During assignment A you will carry out an investigation to familiarise yourself with the range of boards that are available, including their practical advantages and limitations.


You must investigate and evaluate at least two different printed circuit boards that are contained within two products.


The circuit architecture of the PCBs, and intended application of the products containing PCBs should be significantly different. 

Below is a basic guide to PCB manufacture for rigid PCB production.

Microsoft Word document [155.8 KB]

Learning aim A exemplar student work below:

During Assignement B you are going to capture the above AC/DC circuit and simulate the circuit to confirm its operation and with the simulation data, justify the correct functionality of the circuit and produce specification data.


To do this:

  • Use an industry standard electronics software design package to capture the schematic for the given circuit. Your circuit schematic should: provide full details of components, be neat and accurate, and show network connections, be drawn to a recognised drawing standard, such as BS8888 or BS3939.


  • Use electronics software design package to simulate the given circuit(s). You should use your simulation to: confirm the desired operation of the circuit; extract measurements and data to carry out a DC analysis; complete an AC analysis using information about input and output signals; and collate your schematic diagrams, printouts from simulations, tables of electrical values at key points and other relevant data gathered to produce a technical specification for each circuit.
Microsoft Word document [154.6 KB]

Draw out the circuit below and complete the tasks set in the above document for assignment B

Learning aim B exemplar student work below:

For learning aims C&D you have been asked to design and manufacture showing refinements, a single-sided printed circuit board from a given circuit schematic design.


On completion of the manufacturing and testing, you need to produce a written evaluation that reflects the lessons you have learnt throughout the task.

Microsoft Word document [155.0 KB]

Learning aim C & D exemplar student work below:

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