'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.'

Charles Eames

'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'
Milton Glaser


Packaging blanks are often made from Nets. A net is a designed 2D shape / pattern that can be folded into a 3D object.

In most cases the net is then covered in a graphic packaging design.

Below are some royalty free examples of folding nets used for sales and advertising packaging and point of sale stands.

Task 1 - Paper modeling complex packaging nets

  1. Select one of the designs below, download the relevent file and open it in Photoshop
  2. Cut out the net carefully, use a craft knife if needed to cut fine detail such as handles.
  3. Carefully fold the net into the shape demonstrated in the relevent diagram.
  4. Interlock relevent parts togeather until you have a complete 3D paper model.
  5. Mark each of the pannels with an arrow pointing upwards so you can see the orientation for each face
Countertop box.jpg
JPG image [762.5 KB]
Hanging Box.jpg
JPG image [766.1 KB]
House Box.jpg
JPG image [795.7 KB]
Pillow Box.jpg
JPG image [409.7 KB]
Puffy Box.jpg
JPG image [427.0 KB]
Pyramid Box.jpg
JPG image [545.2 KB]
Triangle Box.jpg
JPG image [816.1 KB]

Task 2 - Creating a suitable design for your net

When we design packaging nets it is always important that we keep resolution and size settings when transfering the design between different applications and machines. This prevents re-sizing errors and ensures that your printed design will fit exactly to your packaging net.


  1. Open the packaging net you modeled or another in Photoshop
  2. Choose a product to create a surface graphic design for
  3. Use your photoshop skills to apply a suitable design to the net
  4. Include text and styling approprate to the product
  5. Include packaging information
  6. Print the design, apply it to some 180 - 380 gsm card
  7. Compress, fold and fit togeather



Tips for photoshop net design:

  • Duplicate the background layer and turn it off
  • Use the wand tool on the bottom layer to select areas of the net
  • Create a new layer for each pannel
  • Use the fill tools etc on the new layers not the background layer with the line drawing on it
  • Keep dropping back to the bottom layer to make selections
  • Regularly save your work
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