'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.'

Charles Eames

'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'
Milton Glaser

Graphic Product Types

Packaging: Such as a gift bag or box are often graphic products. It can display the contents, a logo and text. There will be other elements you would expect to see such as a barcode. The packaging may be made from paper, card, plastic or fabric. Many packages are folded from flat shapes called nets. This adds another dimension to where you will position items to give the desired effect. If a package is a regular shape it will be easy to store. Why might someone not want a regular shape? Look at this link for examples of quality packaging design.

Magazines have their own audience and style. Magazines such as Hello and Vogue are called 'glossies' as they contain high resolution colour images printer onto glossy paper. In contrast an image in a newspaper may be printed in black and white on recycled paper.

Posters can be as big as a building or as small as A4. They can be printed or digital like the one in the image. The content and the number of graphic elements will depend on the purpose and target audience. It will often have to use text to convey important information such as dates.

Brochures: Holiday brochures need to include lots of details; the cost, available dates, facilities and local attractions. In order to make this information appealing to customers the information has graphic elements including images and charts as well as just text. Look at this link for examples of quality brochure design.

Signs use graphic elements to give important information often with very few, if any, words. They need to be effective so they can be understood immediately. Sometimes by people who speak different languages.

Digital stories are viewed and read on screen. They offer great opportunities for the use of illustrations, both still and moving. Some digital stories have no text at all.

Websites are a graphic product and are likely to include a number of different types of graphic elements. Websites can also contain animations, banners and buttons. Click the image to take you to the Disney website.
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