'Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.'

Charles Eames

'To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.'
Milton Glaser

Sucessful logo design

Activity 1 - Study the images below and answer the following questions

What do the designs have in common?

What makes the designs different?

Which is your favorite and why?

Activity 2 - Discuss with a partner why you chose the design you did, defend your choices.

Activity 3 - Design and develop your own design company branding and business documents

Design Context

You need a set of publicity materials and a logo for your own design company


Design Brief

Designs should reflect atleast three aspects of the brand personality you want to convey. (you must beable to explain this in your design decisions during evaluation)

You must make use of document setting to set the sizes for your documents as follows:


Vector and Bitmap Logos to fit in 800pixel X 400pixel frame

Business card 80mm X 550mm

Letter head on international standard A4


You have 5 hours to complete the FIrst Y10 CA Style task, completing all activities

1hr for sketching, logos and type layouts

1hr for vector design

2hr for business card and letterhead design and print

1hr for user feedback and evaluation

Business Card.psd
Adobe Photoshop file [53.4 KB]
Vector Logo Tem.psd
Adobe Photoshop file [36.5 KB]
Adobe Photoshop file [590.4 KB]

CA Style Activity 4 - Use an image capture method or re draw your best logo design in a DTP application as a vector image

Using photocapture, Illustrator, Photoshop or 2D design you will create a vector drawing of your logo design


You can use the logo designs bellow to inspire you, don't forget the Logotypes secton of this website also

CA Style Activity 5 - Utilise tools in photoshop and/or illustrator to colorise your logo

CA Style Activity 6 - Utilise tools in photoshop and/or Indesign to create your final documents with logo on letterhead & business card.

CA Style Activity 7 - Utilise print methods and your knowledge of paper and card to print final outcome on correct card and paper.

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